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ANP technical data analysis tools are case of success

09/06/2017 | 16h27
ANP technical data analysis tools are case of success
Divulgation ANP Divulgation ANP

The automated (ANP-QC) tools for analyzing the Technical Data (Seismic, Well and Multiphysics) of the ANP Exploration and Production Database (Bdep) were presented as a success case at the Landmark International Forum of Innovation, the LIFE - Landmark Innovation Forum & Expo, held August 22-24 in Houston, Texas.


The tools have been in use since mid-July 2017 by Data Acquisition Companies (EADs) and companies with contracts for exploration and production of oil and gas in Brazil. These tools ensure compliance with ANP standards for the geological data stored in the Bdep and have aroused the interest of some countries such as India and Algeria during LIFE due to their innovative character. BDEP is a worldwide benchmark in the standard of technical data compliance and these tools are adding to BDEP being in the forefront of the world.


ANP-QC optimizes the data storage time in BDEP. Before the system, data quality checking had to be done manually. Now it's automated. It is done by the companies in the ANP's own database.


These tools will also optimize the time that a given acquired for the accomplishment of the Minimum Exploration Program (PEM), predicted in the exploration and production contracts, will be evaluated and consequently the financial guarantee will be rescued by the companies with more agility. The redemption of the financial guarantee is made when the BDEP issues the approval report of the data used for the reduction E with the ANP-QC, the verification becomes faster.


Control systems reduce the exchange of documents, giving a broader view of the entire workflow, and improving the management and reporting of data collection. And the system-generated online data report allows companies to have access to data compliance information.

The ANP-QC was developed by Landmark under the coordination of ANP, taking into account the legal duties of the Agency to protect, maintain and provide all E & P data in Brazil through Bdep.


About Bdep


The ANP's Exploration and Production Database (BDEP) has in its collection more than six petabytes of technical data generated in oil exploration activities throughout Brazil. Since 2000, the BDEP receives, evaluates, stores and makes these data available to applicants, following the rules of secrecy stipulated by current regulatory standards. In the last ten years, more than 3,500 data requests from more than 200 companies and institutions have been answered.

Font: T&B Petroleum/ANP Press Office
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