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ANP withdraws mandatory registration of additives for automotive fuels

10/03/2017 | 11h32

The ANP published in the Official Gazette of the Union, on Monday (2/10), the revocation of ANP Resolution No. 1/2014, which had provisions on additives for automotive fuels. From that date, it is no longer necessary for such additives to be registered by the Agency.


The repeal follows the guidelines of administrative simplification and reduction of the regulatory cost, in order to stimulate the competition and the offer of products.


The ANP understood that the registration of additives for automotive fuels is not a necessary procedure, since the Agency already acts in the quality assurance of fuels, whether or not added, exercised through monitoring programs and inspection actions, protecting the interests consumers.


A period of six months has been allowed for producers, importers and suppliers of such additives to cease marketing them with labels containing the registration number granted by the Agency and for resellers to eliminate advertisements which refer to such registration.


Click here to read Resolution No. 704/2017, which revoked ANP Resolution No. 1/2014, in the DOU.

Font: T&B Petroleum/ANP Press Office
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