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Labor reform increases confidence among foreign investors

07/17/2017 | 13h09
Labor reform increases confidence among foreign investors
Divulgation Divulgation

The Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, Marcos Pereira, said Friday (14) that the approval of the labor reform, sanctioned on Thursday (13), is an important step towards building an environment of investor confidence National and international. "Despite this issue of the political crisis, investors are looking very favorably," he said. According to him, there is a bet on the Brazilian economy and the new legislation helps to give more legal certainty. "The biggest complaint, hindering the development of the country, is called bureaucracy."


Marcos Pereira met with the mayor of São Paulo, João Doria, to discuss Brazil's participation in the World Economic Forum, in March 2018, in the city of São Paulo, in the Latin American edition of the event. "We will jointly present - municipal, state and federal government - in Davos, Switzerland, investment options for large funds and private investors in the country," Doria said. The Davos forum, as it is also known, occurs annually in the month of January.


The minister reported that the portfolio is developing a program with the World Economic Forum on industry 4.0. "It's a very important topic, which is being discussed all over the world, the advanced manufacturing industry, as it is called," he explained. He added that Brazil is part of the Council for the Future of Production and Advanced Manufacturing of the Davos Forum. "We want to show this new face of Sao Paulo and Brazil to the world and this event will be important in this sense," he said.


Political crisis


Marcos Pereira believes that the accusations against President Michel Temer should be resolved quickly. "It is important that this political crisis be resolved as soon as possible, we are confident that Congress will resolve, it is not good for Brazil, to change into a mandate two, three, four presidents," he said.


On Thursday (13), the mayor, Rodrigo Maia, announced that the vote on the opinion against the continuation of the complaint for passive corruption against President Michel Temer will take place on August 2, after the parliamentary recess. According to Maia, the decision was made after an agreement was reached with government and opposition leaders.


João Doria also commented on the position of the PSDB in supporting the reforms of the federal government. "Our defense is to protect what is working on the economic plane with the economic policy, which is correct. In this sense, the PSDB has to be with Brazil. As long as the government protects Brazil, we will be alongside those who protect it too, "he said.


On Monday (10), leaders of the PSDB met in the Bandeirantes Palace, headquarters of the São Paulo government, to discuss the party's course in the current political conjuncture. Senator and incumbent President Tasso Jereissati (EC) said there was no consensus within the party about holding office. "What I'm observing is that the [PSDB] party itself is disembarking [from the Temer government], regardless of control or my will," Jereissati said.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Agencia Brasil Press Office
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