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G20 Summit

Meirelles: Brazil will defend free trade and multilateralism in G20

07/07/2017 | 18h05

Brazil will defend free trade and multilateralism during the G20 Summit, according to Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles.


The G20 comprises the 20 largest economies in the world. It was originally created to discuss crises in emerging economies during the late 1990s, but themes have since expanded beyond the economic arena to include broader, relevant social issues such as migration, war and the environment.


Meirelles explained Brazil will speak to the leaders of the G20 countries about the structural reforms adopted by the country to create the conditions for economic growth and job creation.


Economic reforms


Finance Minister also said that “structural reforms to raise economic growth rates are at the centre of the G20 agenda”.


"The Brazilian reform agenda is in line with measures advocated by the G20 and the OECD", Meirelles added in his statement.

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