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RenovaBio is approved by the National Energy Policy Council

06/08/2017 | 19h18

In a meeting this morning (8), the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) approved the guidelines of the Renovabio Program, establishing a strategic policy for the biofuels sector. With the approval of the RenovaBio Program, the theme must now be traced to the National Congress through a provisional measure or even a bill, to be defined by the Government House of Michel Temer.

"This is an important step to be celebrated, as it consolidates the understanding by the National Energy Policy Council of the benefits that RenovaBio will bring to the entire biofuels chain, from ethanol, to biodiesel and other sectors," said the president Of the National Sugarcane Forum, André Rocha.

Important leaders participated today in the CNPE meeting, to be highlighted the presence of Ministers of Energy and Mines, Fernando Coelho Filho and Blairo Maggi, Agriculture, as well as the representative of civil society at CNPE, economist Plínio Nastari, a great supporter of the program.

"The approved resolution must now go to the Civil House that will publish it and next we will have the definition on the next steps, where the National Sugarcane Forum, the Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Sugarcane Sector, the Parliamentary Front of Biodiesel, All involved, so that we can get the bill or MP forwarded to the Deputies and then to the Federal Senate, "concluded André Rocha.

RenovaBio aims to expand the production of biofuels, with recognition of its contribution to the economy, the environment, social development and the Brazilian energy matrix.

During the meeting this morning also defined the creation of a Working Group of the RenovaBio, with the mission to evaluate and elaborate proposals for normative revisions necessary for the implementation of the Program, in compliance with the approved strategies guidelines. The Ethanol and Biodiesel Supply Monitoring Committees were also created to systematically monitor and evaluate the market for these biofuels.

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