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Divestment Plan

Sale of 90% equity interest in TAG: Opportunity Disclosure - Teasers

09/06/2017 | 16h53
Sale of 90% equity interest in TAG: Opportunity Disclosure - Teasers
André Valentim/Petrobras Agency André Valentim/Petrobras Agency

Petrobras reports that it has initiated the opportunity disclosure stage (Teasers) related to the sale process of 90% of its stake in Transportadora Associada de Gás S.A. ("TAG"), a wholly-owned Petrobras subsidiary.

TAG is a company that operates in the natural gas transportation sector, and currently holds long-term permits to operate and manage a gas pipeline system of about 4500 km in extension, located mainly in the North and Northeastern regions of Brazil. The company’s transport capacity is 74.7 MMm3/d, a volume that is fully employed through long-term contracts with ship-or-pay clauses. Currently, most of the operation and maintenance services (O&M) is run by Petrobras Transporte S.A. ("Transpetro"), a wholly-owned Petrobras subsidiary, through contracts with TAG for this purpose.

The Teasers containing key information about the opportunities, as well as the objective criteria for the selection of prospective purchasers are available in Petrobras website.

Besides the Teaser, the main subsequent phases of the company's divestment project will be disclosed, as detailed below:

• Start of non-binding phase (if applicable);

• Start of binding phase;

• Concession of exclusive negotiation (if applicable);

• Transaction approval by Senior Management (Executive Board and Board of Directors) and signature of contracts;

• Closing.

The disclosure to the market herein is in compliance with Petrobras' divestment methodology, which was reviewed and approved by our Executive Board, and is aligned with the guidelines of the Federal Accounting Court (TCU – Tribunal de Contas da União).


Font: Petrobras Agency
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