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Temer: BRICS presence impresses other organisations

09/06/2017 | 17h00

In an interview with Chinese State TV network CCTV, President Michel Temer offered a brief overview of his six days in China. On the occasion, he spoke about the importance of integration between the BRICS member countries on the international stage. "The BRICS today has a very significant presence as an organisation, one which often impresses other countries and organisations,” he said.


Temer recalled that the next ten years will be prosperous for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. "I think the role of China and particularly that of President Xi Jinping, has been extraordinary for the organisation. We can see that the very idea of the New Development Bank, the contingency arrangement that has been developed at BRICS meetings, has yielded great results,” he assessed.


When asked about the opening of a New Development Bank office in Brazil, the president said that negotiations are at an advanced stage, and that officials are already thinking of the inauguration of the institution’s office in Brazil. According to Temer, this will allow Brazilians feel the presence of the BRICS within the Country more closely.

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