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Temer defends sustainable development with responsibility and openness

09/06/2017 | 16h58

President Michel Temer attended an expanded meeting of Heads of State and Government at the BRICS Summit on Tuesday morning (local time) in Xiamen (China). The meeting - called “expanded” because it gathered together the members of the group and other emerging economies - was attended by leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand.


On his last day of engagements in China, Temer recalled that the pursuit of development must be a goal shared by all, and that Brazil has contributed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. "The country has done its part based on two central ideas: responsibility and openness."


In this sense, the president spoke to the leaders in attendance about the reforms that have allowed the resumption of growth in the Brazilian economy.


"Responsibility pays off. The results are already appearing, and are significant. Inflation is again under control. Productive activity regained momentum. New jobs are being created. The State's capacity to invest in education, health and housing - some of the pillars of the Agenda 2030 - has been preserved,” he said.


On increasing integration in global trade and investment flows, the president spoke about the commitment to revitalise processes and greater closeness between blocs such as Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance.


“Hence the meaning of meetings such as this, which strengthen old partnerships and open new fronts for cooperation. Our position of openness to the world also translates into the firm defence of an international system based on collectively defined rules. "




Temer also recalled engagement as one of the core beliefs of the BRICs. According to him, the countries of the group are united around issues such as the strengthening of the World Trade Organization and the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


"In reality, the objectives we pursue can only be achieved if we act in an coordinated manner. This is the message of union and convergence that Brazil brings to this forum. A message, I repeat, of responsibility and openness,” he concluded.



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