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a tn petróleo


How it
all began
The T&B Petroleum magazine is the undisputed, leading news and information source for Brazil's bustling energy market. No other publication in or out of Brazil has the technological and business analysis to meet the demands of the energy sector. Each issue contains vital information compiled by the intelligence units of T&B Petroleum: following the movements of the industry's market players, economic indicators, government regulators, and sector engineers and scientists. T&B Petroleum is a must for any business entering Brazil's market and an ally to the industry's national and multi-national companies that regularly appear in its pages.

If you are in need of information on the Brazilian oil & gas, or the energy sector in general, T&B Petroleum is your best resource: We regularly participate and organize the Brazilian representation at the world's most important industry trade fairs - OTC, WPC, etc. Our intelligence units have unique access into Brazil's leading sectorial institutions, including: ANP - the National Petroleum Regulatory Agency; ANEEL - the National Electricity Regulatory Agency; ONIP - National Organization for the Petroleum Industry; the IBP - Brazilian Petroleum and Gas Institute; and, Petrobras - the Brazilian state oil company. T&B regularly monitors the movements of these organizations, and dozens of private sector companies, to give our clients the latest developments that can make the difference when operating in Brazil's fastest growing industry. Our magazine was founded as a technical review over eight years ago, and we still continue to supply the best presentation and analysis of the technological changes transforming the industry.

If you'd like to know more about T&B Petroleum, or would simply like information about the Brazilian market, please do not hesitate to visit us at our next industrial congress.
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