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Agency launches tool that calculates estimates of Special Participation

06/05/2019 | 15h17

Today (June 5th) the ANP launches tool that provides the annual estimation of Special Participation (PE) collection for the Country, the states and the municipalities in the next five years. PE is an extraordinary financial compensation payable by companies as compensation to society for the exploitation of oil and natural gas, non-renewable resources.


Click here to access the tool. To obtain the data, you must select the State and / or Municipality, so that the estimated royalties are made available on the screen, with the date and time they were generated. Only states and municipalities receiving PE are available for consultation.


Unlike royalties, which are paid monthly by all producer fields, PE is paid quarterly by companies only for fields with high production volume and / or high profitability.


The amounts are collected from the National Treasury Secretariat (STN), which transfers resources to the beneficiaries based on the calculations made by the ANP, in accordance with current legislation, in the following proportion: 50% for the Union, 40% for the states and 10% for producing municipalities.


The resources coming from the EP are finite, because they are only paid as long as there is production and profitability in the field of oil and / or natural gas. And they are variable because they are based on the production volume of the oil and gas fields (which tends to decline over the years), the quotation of the dollar and the international prices of oil and natural gas, that is, factors which change over time.


Thus, the ANP estimates are made based on the following variables: production volumes of the wells and fields declared by the companies, net revenue (revenue after deductions of expenses authorized by law) ascertained by companies for the fields, reference prices petroleum and natural gas, exchange rates and progressive rates (which vary according to the location of the mine, the number of years of production and the respective volume).


Due to the inherent uncertainties of these variables, there is no guarantee of effective estimates throughout the simulated period.


The ANP launched, on May 17, a tool for generating royalties estimates.


Royalties and Special Participation estimates are initiatives of the ANP to increase the transparency of information provided to citizens, federal entities, regulated agents, control bodies and society in general.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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