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ANP holds public hearing on green diesel

09/18/2020 | 09h25
ANP holds public hearing on green diesel
Divulgation Divulgation

The ANP held a public hearing yesterday (17/9), by videoconference, on the draft resolution that addresses the specification of green diesel, a new biofuel to be sold in the national territory. The audience, which started at 3 pm, was attended by approximately 250 people, including those present, the director of ANP Marcelo Castilho and the Secretary of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), José Mauro Coelho, in addition to more than 30 exhibitors representing economic agents, universities, the Chamber of Deputies and other institutions. In addition, about 90 people watched the broadcast on the ANP's YouTube channel.


At the opening, ANP director Marcelo Castilho spoke about the importance of the debate on the topic. "There is no doubt about the relevance of this hearing on the specification of green diesel, given the policies issued by the CNPE. The time is right for the regularization of the commercialization and production of green diesel, especially in view of the national policy on biofuels, RenovaBio, which aims to expand the use of biofuels in the Brazilian energy matrix, with a view to energy security, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and predictability for the competitive participation of the various biofuels in the national market, "he said.


In his presentation, Secretary José Mauro Coelho praised the initiative at the ANP, which meets the national energy policy for biofuels, and stated that the topic on the new public policy for green diesel will be addressed to the National Biofuels Policy Committee (RenovaBio Committee ), interministerial group under the coordination of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. According to the secretary, the Committee, which will have its first meeting on the subject on 9/30, will present to the National Council for Energy Policy (CNPE) a proposal for inserting green diesel in the energy matrix under the prism of the biofuel policy.


Find out more, click here: Green diesel!


The ANP's proposal, among other aspects, is the addition of green diesel to diesel of fossil origin, observing a mandatory minimum content of 12% biodiesel, as established by CNPE.


Green diesel is a renewable fuel for diesel cycle combustion engines, produced from renewable raw materials, such as vegetable and animal fats, sugarcane, alcohol and biomass. The new biofuel is predominantly made up of paraffinic hydrocarbons, having properties similar to diesel from fossil sources.


The initiative is the result of the ANP carrying out an analysis of the regulatory impact brought about by the insertion of this new biofuel in the Brazilian market, as well as studies of the international specifications of green diesel sold internationally.


The proposal went through a 45-day public consultation, in which about 250 suggestions were received. The comments received at the consultation and at the hearing will be analyzed technically by the ANP and, after legal assessment and approval by the Agency's board, the new resolution may be published.

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