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OTC Houston 2019

At the end of OTC Houston, foreign delegations confirm to ONIP presence at OTC Brasil 2019

05/10/2019 | 00h07
At the end of OTC Houston, foreign delegations confirm to ONIP presence at OTC Brasil 2019
Divulgation Firjan Divulgation Firjan

On the last day of activities at OTC Houston 2019, the Brazilian delegation visited several exhibitors from other countries and confirmed the presence of delegations in Brazil Offshore, in June in Macaé, and in OTC Brasil, in October in Rio.For Firjan SENAI specialists, the presence at the fair increased the institution's proximity with companies from Rio de Janeiro, most of the exhibitors in the Brazilian Pavilion.


Joining the OTC is being connected to the industry. The international oil and gas market is here in Houston. Here are presented the new technology and investment opportunities that have so much impact on the market, "said Karine Fragoso, the Federation's Oil & Gas manager and general director of the National Petroleum Industry Organization (ONIP).


According to her, for Brazil, it is very important to stay on the radar and highlight the world market, inserting national industries into international opportunities."In addition, our technical team also received strategic information and promoted the strengthening of the relationship with the main agents of the offshore market. The proof that we are on the right track was the interest of more than 100 people per panel held in the three days at the ONIP Arena in the Brazilian Pavilion, "said Karine.


On the third day of the OTC Houston 2019, during breakfast at BRATECC, an event that happens in parallel to the fair, Rio de Janeiro was especially highlighted by the presentation of the state's Economic Development Secretary, Lucas Tristão, who spoke about the potential of attractiveness and investments that already occur in waters and lands of Rio de Janeiro.


"The role of government is not to disrupt, but to attract investors. The Rio government is committed to take the necessary actions to transform the state's economy, boosting the generation of jobs and income, "emphasized Tristão.


In the Brazilian Pavilion, presentations were scheduled for the last day of lectures at the ONIP Arena. The first meeting was focused on the natural gas market in Brazil and what it could mean in attractiveness of investments to international companies, especially six American companies interested and that has not yet performed in Brazil.


Márcio Félix, Secretary of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, highlighted that great opportunities are in the midstream segment, more specifically in the construction of pipelines for the disposal of natural gas.


"Brazil needs investments for the development of midstream natural gas, and with projects under study, we continue working on the program for the New Gas Market capable of making this a reality with the improvement of competitiveness," said Márcio Félix in the panel with BRATECC. The routes and infrastructure under study for natural gas could reach $ 2 billion in the first period.


Following that, it was the turn of the president of BP Energy do Brasil, Adriano Bastos, to present the company's perspectives for the future of the oil and gas market in the world and how Brazil is positioned in this scenario. The executive stressed that all of the world's oil and gas resources could reach up to three times the size of total projected demand.


"This means that only one in every 3 barrels will be produced, so actions are needed to ensure continued exploration of the areas in Brazil," Bastos said.

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