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Atvos foresees 8 certified plants by March and emission of about 2.5 million CBIOs

02/11/2020 | 15h15

The Atvos group - controlled by Odebrecht and undergoing judicial recovery separately from the parent company - expects that the eight plants enrolled in RenovaBio will achieve certification by March. Until Monday (10) three of them were already certified. "The deadline does not depend on us, it depends on the ANP. We already wanted to have all of them, but we think that by March we will have", Amaury Pekelman, vice president of institutional relations and sustainability of the group, told Broadcast Agro.


The company estimates it will be able to issue around 2.5 million Decarbonization Credits (CBIOs) in 2020 - distributors will need to buy 28.7 million in the year. The three Atvos units that are already certified can issue around 1 million this year. The volume of CBIOs that the company can issue also takes into account eligibility - a measure created to measure the traceability of the raw material, with the aim of not using material from deforested land in recent years. Of the three units already certified, Santa Luzia I (MS) has an eligibility of 99.43%; Conquista do Pontal (SP), 99.19%; and Eldorado (MS), 95.36%. The average eligibility of all eight is 98.16%, using the previous notes of public consultations as a calculation basis for plants that have not yet been certified.


There are no estimates of revenue that CBIOs will be able to generate for the company this year. "We are focused on the environmental aspect, which is RenovaBio's motto, but we expect revenue in 2020," said Pekelman. "I can't measure how much because we don't know the value of CBIO.


We want to expand the market, make others, in addition to the distributors - who have an obligation - to buy the certificates, "he added." Next year we may be able to make predictions. It's too early now. "


Regardless of the amount, the group wants to use the resources that come in to invest and grow. "The sector is still below the installed capacity," said Pekelman. "First, you have to reach this installed capacity. Secondly, investments. RenovaBio's focus is this. We want to replace the energy matrix, move from fossil to renewable."


According to data from the Sugarcane Industry Union (Unica), until yesterday (10) there were 11 ethanol plants already certified and 146 with ongoing processes.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Broadcast Agro
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