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Amazonas Basin

Azulão Field Development Plan has review approved by ANP

11/07/2019 | 19h20

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) approved on Tuesday (5) the new Development Plan of the Azulão Field, in the Amazon Basin. The document had to be revised after Eneva won the auction for supply of Boa Vista (RO) and neighboring regions, held in May this year.


The development plan describes the activities and investments to be made by the concessionaires from the beginning to the end of the project and is an important regulatory instrument. Through the document, Eneva informed the ANP of its strategy for the development and management of the Azulão field.


With the approval of the plan, Eneva has extended the term of the contract until 2043 and is able to begin construction and assembly of the Cluster and on-site Gas Treatment Unit (UTP) as well as continue drilling. of 04 wells.


Operation of the Azulão Field is expected to begin in 2021. Eneva's project foresees that the gas will be transported in trucks to the Jaguatirica II thermoelectric power plant in Boa Vista (RO). The unit is also already under construction and 117 MW of delivery commitment to meet the isolated Roraima system.


With the Eneva project, which represented 44% of the power contracted at the Auction, there will be a 36% reduction in CO2 emissions in Roraima, and a 38% drop in the cost of generation that state represents for consumers across the country. Energy delivery is expected to begin on June 28, 2021. Azulão will be the first natural gas field to produce in the Amazon Basin, opening a new development cycle for the region.


About Azulão Field

The Amazon Basin was discovered in 1953, but to this day does not produce a gas molecule. Eneva's project will change this reality and contribute to the increase of natural gas reserves in the state. Amazonas is the largest producer of natural gas on land in the country, but has seen its natural gas reserves fall by 57% in the last ten years. Due to the logistical difficulty to drain the gas, which is almost 300km from Manaus, the integrated project developed by Eneva was the way found by the company to enable the field to start production.


The Azulão field marks Eneva's expansion of its exploration and production (E&P) activity beyond the Parnaíba Basin, reinforcing the company's expertise in operating onshore assets, and in regions in the north and northeast of the country.


About Eneva

Eneva is an integrated company that combines the activity of producing natural gas on land with power generation. Its performance is centered in the North and Northeast of the country, and contributes to the increase of the region's energy security and to the tariff moderation. The company is responsible for 46% of the northern subsystem's installed thermal generation capacity and 11% of the country's installed gas generation capacity.


The company has a unique Reservoir-to-Wire (R2W) -based business model, which consists of building thermal power plants near onshore producing fields, using existing transmission line infrastructure as a means of draining energy.The model reduces the need for pipelines, enabling gas production on land and making energy more competitive.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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