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Connectivity in the expansion of the bioenergy sector will be the subject of a panel at the 13th UDOP Congress

11/13/2020 | 16h53

The Business Management and Information Technology rooms of the 13th National Bioenergy Congress will open the program for more than 40 hours of debates and lectures at the Largest Bioenergy Congress in the country. The first topic to be discussed, at 8 am on the 23rd November, will be: Connectivity in the expansion of the bioenergy sector.


The joint panel will be moderated by Rodrigo Perez Verna, Technological Infrastructure Coordinator at Usina Estiva. The panel begins with the lecture: "5G in Agribusiness", with Luiz Gustavo Massuia, Partner - KPMG Consultoria; followed by the lecture: "Bioenergy in the Digital Age", with Douglas Bini de Paula, Specialists in Offers - TOTVS.


Also on the schedule of the Business Management room, together with the IT Room, on November 26, from 8 am to 9:45 am, the panel will take place: "The strategic & digital transformation in agriculture". The moderation will be in charge of Abimael Cereda Junior, Executive Director - Geography of Things.


The panel begins with the lecture: "The strategic & digital transformation in performance excellence", with a presentation by Djalma Teixeira de Lima Filho, CEO - Agsus. Following the discussions, there will be a debate with the theme: "Digital Transformation in Agriculture: Myth or Fact?", With debaters: Djalma Teixeira de Lima Filho, CEO - Agsus; Eder Fantini Junqueira, IT Manager - Jalles Machado; Fernando José da Silva, IT Coordinator - Zilor; and Helder Passos de Moraes, Corporate IT Manager - Coruripe.



Still in the program of the Information Technology Room, in addition to the two panels listed above, we will have the panel "E-Learning as a tool for innovation in corporate education", at 4:15 pm on November 25th. The panel will be moderated by the Director of Development at the Holloz Institute, Darley Martins Miranda.


The panel will start with a lecture on the general theme with Mateus Amaral, Educational Consultant - XP Investimentos, followed by a debate with Abimael Cereda Junior, Executive Director - Geography of Things; Giovana Pacheco e Rocha Pinheiro, Human Resources Supervisor - Bevap; Kelly Cristina Parpinelli, People & Organization Coordinator - Atvos; and Laudeane Castro Faleiro, Human Resources Supervisor - Agropéu.


The Congress 

The 13th National Bioenergy Congress takes place between the 23rd and 27th of November and will be divided, this year, in 11 thematic rooms. All panels will be shown through the UDOP YouTube channel, .


To register, click here . Registration is free. The complete program of the rooms is now available on the UDOP website, click here.


During the panels, participants can complete a form requesting the certificate of participation in that panel.


Cultural Support 

The 13th National Bioenergy Congress, has the official support of UNIP - Universidade Paulista; international support from APLA - Local Alcohol Productive Arrangement; government support from the Ministries of Agriculture; Science, Technology and Innovations; and Mines and Energy. The official media for the event is from Jornal Cana.


The cultural supporters of this edition are: Master Support, Syngenta. Gold Support: Basf; Bayer; Corteva; FMC; Suez; Totvs; UPL. Bronze Support: Jet; Koppert; Sicoob Paulista and Ubyfol.



13th National Bioenergy Congress 

Date: November 23-27, 2020 

Panels: 8 am to 9:45 am; 10:15 to 12:00; 14h to 15:45; 4:15 pm to 6:00 pm 

12 Theme Rooms 


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