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Distributor buys 22,000 CBIOs; transaction at B3 was the 1st party obliged

07/30/2020 | 17h53

Market sources heard by UDOP reported that B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão made, on July 24, the first sale of CBIOs - Decarbonization Credits to an obliged party (distributor). The volume traded, also according to this source, who preferred anonymity, was 22 thousand CBIOs, that is, 22 thousand tons of carbon offset (not emitted in the atmosphere).


Each CBIO is equivalent to a reduction in the emission of 1 ton of carbon in the atmosphere, CBIO is a program that encourages the production of renewable energy, a new way to enhance the Brazilian biofuel production chain. According to operators in this market, ethanol and biodiesel producers win with CBIOs, as an additional source of revenue, society gains with an effective system for offsetting CO2 emissions and the environment, with a ton less emission.


The so-called 'obliged parties', that is, issuers of CBIOs and fuel distributors (responsible for retiring these CBIOs), and also the so-called non-obliged parties, who can be understood by any and all interested parties ( player) in the purchase and sale of the asset, listed in B3. On average, each CBIO has been traded between R $ 15 and R $ 50.


Another source heard by UDOP also celebrated the CBIO transactions at B3. "The #CBIO Market already registers the growth and structuring of RenovaBio. Yes, for those who still don't know RenovaBio is going from strength to strength. In Almirante's sea", highlighted this source in a social network.

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