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Santos Basin

Dommo Energia announces agreement to end disputes with Enauta over block BS-4

04/30/2021 | 14h36

Dommo Energia announces to its shareholders and to the market in general that it has entered into a settlement agreement with Enauta Energia S / A and QGEP Netherlands BV, in which the parties have mutually withdrawn from proceeding with arbitration and judicial disputes related to the participation in the dispute in Block BS -4 (“BS-4”) between the Company and the Enauta Group, and granted discharge.


As a result of this agreement, it was agreed that Dommo's rights, ownership and interests in Block BS-4 have been transferred to Enauta Energia S / A since October 11, 2017, in the proportion of 20%. The remaining 20% interest in Dommo was transferred to Barra Energia do Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda. since October 11, 2017, according to the agreement informed by Material Fact of March 17, 2021.


The shares of the company Atlanta Field B.V., held by Dommo Netherlands B.V, are also transferred in the same proportion to FR Barra 1 S.À.R.L and QGEP Netherlands B.V.


The companies have decided that all ongoing disputes will be closed, including the dispute regarding the approval of the ANP Board on the transfer of Dommo's stake in BS-4.


The Company will keep the market and its shareholders informed about the subject addressed in this Material Fact and about any other related acts or facts that may in any way influence the investment decisions of its shareholders and the market in general.

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