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Local Content

Dynamic Panel of Local Content Investments published by ANP

06/17/2021 | 11h05
Dynamic Panel of Local Content Investments published by ANP
Courtesy Enaval Courtesy Enaval

The ANP published yesterday (16/6) the Dynamic Panel for Local Content Investments. The interactive tool provides data on financial expenditures (expenses) made by the operator of a block or field related to oil and natural gas exploration and production contracts signed in all ANP Bidding Rounds and in the Transfer of Rights agreement entered into between the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ministry of Economy and Petrobras.


The data presented in the Panel are unprecedented, being made publicly available for the first time. The process of disclosing local content information in dynamic panels started in April 2020 and, with the new tool, all data considered public on the subject will be made available by the ANP.


The local content clause of the contracts determines the commitments assumed by companies to contract a minimum percentage of national goods and services. The ANP is responsible for overseeing compliance with these commitments, which is done in the exploration phase (first phase of the contract, in which studies are carried out to determine the presence or not of oil and/or natural gas) and in the development stage of the production (when the infrastructure for the production itself is contracted and installed). The ANP has applied local content commitments since the 1st Bidding Round, held in 1999, through a clause included in the oil and natural gas exploration and production contracts. Over time, these standards have been changed (learn more on the local content page on the ANP Portal, click here!).


The Panel provides information such as the financial expenditure made during the exploration phase or production development stage, according to the items provided for in the Quarterly Expenditure Report (RGT) and Local Content Report (RCL). These reports are presented to the ANP on a quarterly and annual basis, respectively, to prove compliance with the minimum percentages of local content commitment.


The headings are groups of goods or services, classified into items and sub-items, as provided for in ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 and ANP Ordinance No. 180/2003. The panel provides the aggregated values by item, which is not necessarily the value referring to a single acquisition of a good or service. For example, in the Rig Chartering item (subitem 2.1 of the table in Annex I of the Resolution), the sum of all amounts spent on the acquisition of goods/services related to rig chartering during the exploration phase is recorded.


In the tool, the visualization of the commitments made by the operator is made in nominal values of the expenditures made in the block or field, as well as the value corrected by the IGP-M, an index used to correct the expense amount to present value.


For more information on the local content certification process and reporting to the ANP of reports on compliance with the local content obligation, see ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 - RCL (click here!), ANP Resolution No. 19/ 2013 - Certification (Click here!) and ANP Ordinance No. 180/2003 - RGT (Click here!). The ANP also made available a glossary with the terms used in the Panel.


Access the Local Content Investments Dynamic Dashboard and glossary, click here!


See also the other dynamic panels on local content and on oil and gas exploration and production, click here!

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