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Ethanol executives meet with Governador Caiado to discuss important issues

07/15/2019 | 20h40



A group of executives from the sugar-energy sector of Goiás met with Governor Ronaldo Caiado last Friday (12), under the leadership of the president of Sifaeg - Sugar and Ethanol Industry Trade Union of the State of Goiás, André Rocha, who also chairs the National Sugar-Energy Forum.


In the agenda of the entourage were three main points: legal security, mainly for tax benefits; competitiveness of ethanol in the state of Goiás; and better business environment for new investments.


This was the first meeting of a group of industry executives with the Governor Caiado, who was very receptive, noting "the total sympathy and commitment of the Goiás state government to be able to increasingly base the development of this sector that is extremely important to leverage the quality of life of people within our state. "


Ronaldo Caiado also stressed that his government will continue to seek the recognition and expansion of "the state's action to simplify, reduce bureaucracy, and make the sector increasingly believe in Goiás and invest every time more so that Goiás achieves what we want, which is to end regional inequalities and seek the improvement and citizenship condition of all who live in Goiás. "


The president of UDOP, vice president of Institutional Relations of the group Atvos and Counselor of Sifaeg, Amaury Pekelman was one of the participants of the meeting, and also highlighted the leadership of André Rocha in negotiations with the state government. "We took the opportunity to present Governor Caiado with RenovaBio's policy and how the state of Goiás could benefit, taking into account also the growing production of corn ethanol in the state of Goiás," concluded Pekelman.

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