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Natural Gas

Event: ANP will hold on 2nd February, 2nd Workshop on the Conceptual Model of the Gas Market

01/22/2021 | 15h41
Event: ANP will hold on 2nd February, 2nd Workshop on the Conceptual Model of the Gas Market
Divulgation Divulgation

ANP will hold, on February 10, at 2:00 pm, the 2nd Workshop on the Conceptual Model of the Gas Market. The event will be virtual, through the Teams platform, and will also be broadcast on the ANP channel on YouTube (access the link). The 1st Workshop on the theme was held on 1/11 (learn more, access the link).


In this second event, topics related to the balancing rules will be discussed, such as: balancing principles and concepts; role of agents; main balancing instruments; importance of coordination of carriers; and transition to market balance.


The workshop will also count with the participation of representatives of the Association of Natural Gas Transport Companies by Gas Pipeline (ATGás), the Bocconi School of Management, the Brazilian Oil and Gas Institute (IBP) and the Forum of Business Associations for the Development of the Natural Gas Market (Gas Forum).


Registrations to participate in the workshop can be made until 2/2/21, at 12 noon, with the sending of the name and contacts by email to the address Those interested in holding an exhibition at the event should inform with the registration request and forward the presentation. Access to the virtual room will be a priority for those registered and then other interested parties will be admitted, on a first-come, first-served basis, up to the capacity of the tool used, Microsoft Teams (300 people).


To allow greater diversity among the participants of the event, due to the imposed limit of 300 participants of the tool, the registration limit of six participants per company was established.


The publication of the Conceptual Model (access the link) consisted of the beginning of the first stage of the revision process of the regulations that deal with the activities of commercialization and loading of natural gas, Resolutions ANP nº 52/2011 and nº 51/2013, respectively. The revision of the resolutions is foreseen in the Regulatory Agenda 2020-2021 of the ANP.


The series of workshops aims to bring to discussion the characterization of the natural gas market and the commercial relationship between agents, definitions that will influence the rules of: contracting transport capacity; purchase and sale of natural gas in the physical market or in organized markets (over-the-counter and stock market); and participation in contracting mechanisms designed to promote balancing actions.


All contributions received during the workshops will be considered in the preparation of the proposed resolution, the draft of which will be subject to public consultation and hearing before its final publication.


See more information on the event page:

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