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Firjan presents innovation trends in P & G together with Cenpes, ANP, Microsoft and BHGE

10/31/2018 | 11h04
Firjan presents innovation trends in P & G together with Cenpes, ANP, Microsoft and BHGE
Divulgation Divulgation

The transformations in the Oil and Gas (P & G) market were the theme of an event, at Firjan, that brought together executives from Microsoft; BHGE; National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP); and the Petrobras Research Center (Cenpes). The Firjan seminar, held on October 30th, was the second of the Tendências para o Mercado de Petróleo e Gás (Trends for the oil and gas market) series, which will return with new themes in 2019.


With several customers and partners in P & G, Ana Hofmann, director of the Manufacturing and Natural Resources Industry at Microsoft Brazil, said that digital transformation is already a reality in the companies in the market, throughout the chain and business processes. "We have a world of data and the possibility of earning tens of thousands of dollars a month with a set of technological tools," she said.


The big cost reduction, she said, is in the processes, which justifies taking the data accumulated in the companies to the cloud with security and control. This will allow, for example, that machines, via machine learning, make better decisions in different phases: exploration, operation, distribution or in relation to the customer. "You have to adapt to this new model. Today there are possibilities to operate this data with simpler tools," he said. According to her, artificial intelligence will permeate the day to day work, in a process that has already begun.


Orlando Ribeiro, executive manager of Cenpes, presented the various lines of research under development, among them digital technologies in geosciences, with machine learning and artificial intelligence, helping professionals to reduce the time of work execution. Cenpes also invests in nanotechnology applied to improve the performance of materials and in autonomous intervention units in wells, using robots, among other projects in progress.


"We are trying to incorporate as much as possible into disruptive technologies, going two ways: internal development and now interaction with startups, which is beginning with notices," he said.


Continuity of investments


Alejandro Duran, president of Baker Hughes, highlighted the significant efficiency gains already achieved by customers and partners, from the new tools applied to pre-salt. "Research, Development and Innovation (PD & I) projects must always go forward, in order to maintain the competitiveness of the pre-salt", he stressed, as he reminded us of the need to avoid a fall in these investments when oil prices are high, as it has in the past, all over the world.


Alfredo Renault, superintendent of ANP, spoke about changes in the regulation of investments in PD & I, which should be defined by the end of this year. Among the main aspects to be considered are the investment in startup funds and the incentive to digital transformation. "Our goals are to lower the cost of contracting projects, give more autonomy to companies and generate more innovation," he said.


Karine Fragoso, Firjan's Oil, Gas and Naval Manager, highlighted aspects of the debate, such as the questioning of what training is needed for the professional able to work in this new business model and the importance of having a more macro vision to develop focused projects where the industry needs to go. She also noted the strategic nature of the work of people engaged in bringing these technological tools to the P & G market.


"The scenario has changed, we have a diversity of actors motivated to make innovation here in Brazil, in addition to Petrobras," said Karine, for whom persistence is the key word at this time.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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