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For approximately R $ 4.1 billion, FURNAS contracts energy from 15 solar projects

11/13/2020 | 19h18

Furnas holds an auction for the long-term purchase of incentive electricity for new ventures from wind and solar sources in the ACL (Free Contracting Environment). The company hired, this Thursday (12/11), energy from 15 solar projects, for a period of fifteen years, for commercialization starting in 2024.


“The increase in the share of solar and wind energy in the electrical matrix is a worldwide phenomenon. In Brazil, which has one of the cleanest matrices in the world, it cannot be different, as we still have a lot of potential to develop. Eletrobras companies, with 96% of their generation based on clean energy, are important drivers of the low carbon economy ”, says the president of Eletrobras, Wilson Ferreira Junior.


The projects are located in Bahia, Piauí, Ceará and Paraíba, with a total of one thousand megawatts of installed capacity, with an estimated investment by the companies responsible for the assets, of about R $ 4.1 billion.


“With the successful result of the auction, Furnas expands its portfolio of renewable energy and encourages it to be sold in the conventional and special free market”, explains Luiz Laércio, Superintendent of Energy and Transmission Commercialization.


Generating entrepreneurs interested in selling energy to Furnas made offers for four products: two deliveries of wind energy and two of solar energy in the Southeast / Midwest, South and Northeast submarkets from 2024 to 2038. Participated in the auction for Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) , wholly-owned subsidiaries and consortia. Stakeholders also needed to have a positive track record in implementing projects and demonstrate healthy economic and financial parameters.


“As of this event, the company contributes to the expansion of the energy supply in Brazil, through the feasibility of projects in the free market, which is already a reality and also a trend for the future. Our intention is to do good business with the resale of energy and help in the expansion of the electric sector, even without directly participating in the construction of new projects ", concluded Pedro Brito, president of FURNAS.


Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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