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Port of Açu

Members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brazil visit the Port of Açu

12/03/2018 | 13h14
Members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brazil visit the Port of Açu
Divulgation Divulgation

Officials from large Japanese corporations were welcomed by Porto do Açu Operações this Thursday. They toured the infrastructure of the port-industry-energy complex and learned about the competitive advantages of Açu’s Export Processing Zone (ZPE) – the first in development in the Southeast region and the first under private management. The goal of the visit is to expand business opportunities between the port and the Japanese, presenting Açu as a gateway for Japanese industries, as well as showcase the benefits offered by the ZPE (a free trade zone for the export market, operating with distinguished tax, FX and administrative regimes).


According to Antonio Primo, Director of O&G Business Development in the Port of Açu, the complex offers outstanding advantages for companies interested in setting up their own facilities there: “Açu is not only strategically located, near the country’s main oil fields, but is also operating and growing under a modern port-industry concept, with available space for immediate installation of companies from all sectors. Furthermore, the ZPE’s development is a very attractive feature for the international market," he said.


The group toured the iron ore terminal (Ferroport), oil terminal (Açu Petróleo) and multicargo terminal (T-MULT), as well as the construction site headed by Gás Natural Açu (GNA), the company in charge of building two thermal power plants and a regasification terminal on the enterprise. The professionals also visited TechnipFMC, a producer of flexible pipes for offshore support.


The Secretary General of the Japanese Chamber, Fujiyoshi Hirata, stressed the importance of developing the ZPE to strengthen the ties between Brazil and the international market. He praised Açu’s advantages: “The Complex of Açu is the best I’ve seen in the country. In addition to ZPE benefits, with tax exemptions and easier output distribution, Açu stands out due to its large area for the installation of industrial plants and by being close to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.” Created in December 2017 by a decree signed by President Michel Temer, the 2 km²-ZPE in Açu is expected to begin operations in 2020.


Delphino Pires de Souza Júnior, Project Analysis Coordinator for the Executive Secretariat of the National Council of Export Processing Zones (CZPE), participated in the technical visit. He also discussed business opportunities with the Japanese: “CZPE’s outlook is very positive regarding the Açu ZPE, given its excellent location to host industrial enterprises geared toward the external market, its proximity with an efficient port structure, as well as the availability of electricity, natural gas and other input and services that support industrial activity,” he noted.


The visit to the Complex of Açu was scheduled during a meeting held in São Paulo in July between the Japanese delegation and the Porto do Açu Operações team. This time, members of the mission organized by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brazil had the chance to see in loco the enterprise’s potential and showed interest in deepening the relationship and negotiations between Japanese companies and Açu.


ZPE and its competitive advantages

Companies operating in ZPEs enjoy several tax benefits, such as exemptions from IPI, COFINS, PIS/PASEP and ICMS in purchases of goods and services domestically and abroad. FX freedom is another competitive factor, as companies may keep abroad 100% of revenues earned through exports.


ZPEs are exempt from licenses and authorizations granted by federal authorities, enjoy legal security for up to 20 years (extendable for another 20 years). As a custom-ready facility, the ZPE is recognized as a Primary Export Zone.


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