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Permanent Offer

More than R$ 160 million in new investments in the 2nd auction of ANP's Permanent Offer

12/04/2020 | 17h02
More than R$ 160 million in new investments in the 2nd auction of ANP's Permanent Offer
ANP Agency ANP Agency

The ANP held today (4/12) the public session of the 2nd Permanent Offer Cycle. 17 exploratory blocks were purchased in six basins (Campos, Paraná, Amazonas, Espírito Santo, Potiguar and Tucano) and an area with marginal accumulations (Juruá, from the Solimões Basin). Together, the 18 areas will receive minimum investments of more than R $ 160 million.


For the exploratory blocks, the total bonus raised was around R $ 30.94 million (average premium of 55.11%) and there is a forecast of R $ 157 million in investments, only in the first phase of the contract (exploration phase) . For the areas with marginal accumulations, the total bonus was R $ 25.76 million (goodwill of 1,650%), with a forecast of R $ 3.6 million in investments.


The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, who attended the event in person, said that "today's public session proved to be successful in relation to the 1st Permanent Supply Cycle and also in relation to what the country's energy policy considers positive , such as greater competitiveness and companies operating in Brazil, in addition to attracting investments. "


According to the acting director general of the ANP, Raphael Moura, the bidding held today was "a great success". "It exceeded expectations in a difficult year for the sector, in the world. We have much to celebrate. Onshore (onshore) areas generate proportionally more jobs, internalize and dynamize local economies, represent distribution of royalties to municipalities, often with development indicators. lower, "said Moura.


The second auction of the Permanent Offer was the only bidding round held by the ANP in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The face-to-face session took place with a small number of people (only those required to conduct the auction and representatives of the companies registered to make offers) and with all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of those present.


See the complete results:


What is the Permanent Offer 

The Permanent Offer is a form of concession of blocks and areas with marginal accumulations for exploration or rehabilitation and production of oil and natural gas. In this modality, there is a continuous offer of fields returned or in the process of being returned, of exploratory blocks offered in previous bids and not auctioned or returned to the Agency, and also of new exploratory blocks under study at ANP (with the exception of areas in the pre-salt layer) , strategic or located on the Continental Shelf beyond 200 nautical miles).


Thus, companies do not need to wait for a bidding round to have the opportunity to finish a block or area with marginal accumulation, which is on offer. In addition, companies have as much time as they deem necessary to study the technical data of these areas, without the limited time limit for a round.


Once the application has been approved in the process, the company can declare interest in one or more of the blocks and areas offered in the Public Notice. This declaration of interest must be sent to the ANP, accompanied by an offer guarantee, and must identify all sectors in which the company aims to present offers at the public session to be held.


After approval by CEL one or more declarations of interest, a cycle of the Permanent Offer begins, with the disclosure of its schedule by the Commission. The cycles correspond to the holding of public bidding sessions for one or more sectors that have had a declaration of interest.


On the day of the public session, registered companies can make offers for blocks and areas with marginal accumulations in the sectors under bidding in that cycle.


In the case of exploratory blocks, the offers consist of signature bonuses (equal to or greater than the minimum bonus determined in the notice) and Minimum Exploratory Program (PEM), containing the activities that companies undertake to carry out during the exploratory phase (such as drilling wells and seismic surveys, for example).


If there is more than one offer for the same block, the company or consortium that reaches the highest score wins, with the signature bonus weighing 80% and the PEM 20%.


For areas with marginal accumulations, the only criterion for determining the winners is the subscription bonus offered, which must also be equal to or greater than the minimum determined in the notice.

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