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Natural Gas

Natural gas consumption rises by 2.6% in industry in August compared to July and in trade it grows by 21.6%

11/13/2020 | 17h23
Natural gas consumption rises by 2.6% in industry in August compared to July and in trade it grows by 21.6%
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Total consumption of natural gas in Brazil remained stable in August compared to July. The volume demanded remained the same: 51.87 million cubic meters / day. Compared to August 2019 (70.79 million cubic meters / day), however, the retraction is still significant: 26.7%. The data are part of Abegás' monthly statistical survey with distributors across the country.


In August, consumption in the industrial segment showed a 2.6% growth in relation to July, rising from 26.14 million cubic meters / day to 26.83 million cubic meters / day, but still below 27.68 million cubic meters / day recorded in August 2019. The decrease in the 12-month period was 3.1%.


Another segment that shows a recovery curve is the automotive, rising to a level above 5 million cubic meters / day for the first month since the beginning of the pandemic - in August it was 5.3 million cubic meters / day compared to 4.8 million cubic meters / day in July (9.8% increase in demand). The number, however, is still 11.4% below that recorded in August 2019 and still far from the 2019 average (above the level of 6 million cubic meters / day).


“The great highlight in August was the recovery of the commercial segment, of 21.6%, reflecting the flexibility measures that allowed the reopening of bars, restaurants and shopping malls in many states, in addition to the gradual resumption of consumer confidence in other services that use piped gas, such as bakeries and snack bars, based on a reasonable improvement in the health situation, especially in cities where consumption is relevant. The growth in consumption of CNG, as well as that of the industry, reinforces signs of a still timid, but progressive resumption of activity ”, explains the executive president of Abegás, Augusto Salomon. “The big highlight in August was the recovery of the segment


“The blackout in Amapá, where the population has suffered from a lack of electricity, shows that Brazil urgently needs to promote integration between the natural gas sector and the electricity sector. It is inconceivable that the country will jeopardize its energy security while it has huge reserves of gas in the Pre-Salt, in the Amazon Region and in other exploratory fields. Gas thermal plants must be inserted into the base of the electrical system, and be contracted at auctions that install them in the interior of the country, guaranteeing an increase in gas supply and, at the same time, the certainty that there will be no shortage of energy ”, adds Salomon .


“It is necessary for Congress to improve the original text of the so-called 'PL do Gás'. It is essential to have more investment in the sector and not to scare away potential investors due to legal insecurities ”, says Salomon. The number of units consuming natural gas already exceeds 3.7 million - number of meters in industries, businesses and homes and other points of consumption.


Consumption in August / 20 vs July / 20 in all segments * 

Industrial - Growth of 2.6%. 

Automotive - Up 9.8%. 

Commercial - Growth of 21.6%. 

Residential - 1.5% decrease. 

Cogeneration - Drop of 1.7%. 

Electricity generation - 7.3% decrease.


Highlights of consumption in the regions: August / 20 *


The positive highlight was the growth in the automotive segment of 9.8%, on average. In comparison with July, the increase was 11% in the Southeast, 4% in the South, 3.2% in the Midwest and 9.4% in the Northeast.


Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office Abegás
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