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New equipment for detecting methanol in gasoline and ethanol is approved by the ANP

02/11/2020 | 15h11

The ANP Technological Research and Analysis Center (CPT-ANP) recognized the effectiveness of a new equipment to detect the presence of methanol (toxic substance) in gasoline and ethanol. The new technology meets the demand of distributors for portable equipment, easy to handle and with analytical reliability to perform the verification required by Resolution ANP No. 696/2017.


The equipment was developed based on a methodology that was endorsed by the ANP in 2018 for indicative analysis of adulteration of gasoline and ethanol by methanol, in the field. The technology presented had already been tested by some potential users and consists of a colorimetric meter that uses the same reactions prescribed in ISO 1388-8, with detection by photometry. It brings a new option for distributors to detect the presence of methanol, in addition to the colorimetric kit, which was already used.


In 2017, ANP created the Technical Group (GT) “Evaluation of methodologies for field analysis”, under the coordination of CPT-ANP with the objective of evaluating simple and reliable analytical methodologies for carrying out quality control in the field. The CPT will continue to coordinate the WG to encourage the emergence of new methodologies that can be used mainly by distributors and resellers not restricted to the detection of methanol.

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