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Natural Gas

New Gas Market gains strength with approval of a bill in Rio Grande do Norte

06/22/2022 | 15h18
New Gas Market gains strength with approval of a bill in Rio Grande do Norte
Divulgation Divulgation

Due to all this collective effort, Rio Grande do Norte occupies the 2nd position in the national regulatory ranking of ABRACE. The ranking has the purpose of evaluating the state regulations in force in each state, regarding the opening of the natural gas market. In the study, regulatory aspects are verified that facilitate or, on the contrary, have the potential to hinder the migration of the consumer to the free environment of gas contracting, considering that the regulation on this part of the natural gas chain varies from state to state.

There are still important points that must be addressed. But the approval of the Bill in its final version is an important milestone that brings more transparency and reduces subjectivities, harmonizes definitions, reduces volumes related to migration to the free market, regulates the specific natural gas handling tariff, limits the possibility of cross-subsidies, removes the possibility of reclassification of pipelines, advances in the independence of the commercialization activity and in the penalty rules, among others.

The success of the New Gas Market depends on the success of state legislation. In Rio Grande do Norte, the task is even more important considering that the State currently has a competitive environment in the supply of gas that generated the lowest gas price in the country, as a result of the recent contract between Potiguar E&P and the local distributor of piped gas that provided a 30% reduction in the price of gas purchased by the distributor. The approval of PL 371/21 will provide an increase in investments and competition, without generating privileges for any economic agent - which will result in concrete benefits for the whole society.

The Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Norte approved, in an ordinary session, held last Wednesday, June 15, the Bill 371/21, which establishes the rules regarding the exploitation of local piped gas services in the state.

The approved bill, pending only the governor's sanction to be published, is an important advance for the development of the gas sector by providing greater legal certainty to the disciplined relations in its text and adherence to the Federal Program "Novo Mercado de Gás", which aims to boost the sector. With this, the state is moving towards the construction of a reliable, transparent, harmonic regulatory framework and, consequently, an attractive environment for new investments in the natural gas chain.

We highlight the willingness of the Education, Science and Technology, Socioeconomic Development and Tourism Commission of the Legislative Assembly of RN to debate the issue during the public hearing held on April 27 this year and receive suggestions and demands from the various agents that make up the chain. of the natural gas market. As a result, the original text received important improvements that should guarantee a more dynamic and competitive gas market in Rio Grande do Norte, bringing more investments and economic growth to the state.

The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the Brazilian Association of Large Industrial Energy Consumers and Free Consumers (ABRACE) participated in the debates last year, with relevant contributions, corroborating the changes in the text of the Law. , the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Brazilian Association of Independent Oil and Gas Producers (ABPIP), Companhia Potiguar de Gás - Potigas, Redepetro RN, the Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas (IBP), the 3R Petroleum, the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Norte (FIERN), the Planning Department of the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, the Regulatory Agency for Public Services of RN (ARSEP RN), the Brazilian Association of Energy Traders (ABRACEEL ), the Potiguar Oil and Gas Forum and the Rio Grande do Norte State Secretariat for Economic Development.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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