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Ocyan is accepting registrations of startups

03/15/2019 | 18h03
Ocyan is accepting registrations of startups
Divulgation Divulgation

Ocyan is accepting registrations from startups nationwide to present innovative solutions to the internal challenges of the company, which operates in the oil and gas industry. The products and services proposed must address the issues presented by the company’s operational and support areas. The startups selected will receive support to develop a pilot project on site and could become suppliers or partners of the company. Startups interested have until April 28 to access information on the Ocyan Waves Challenge and submit their proposals on the website


The Ocyan Waves Challenge is the first program of the Ocyan Waves platform, which was created by the company to support innovation initiatives for improving its operations, with a focus on increasing efficiency, improving safety for employees and clients, supporting the startup ecosystem and contributing directly to the new generation of suppliers in Brazil’s oil and gas industry.


Ocyan’s Offshore Production officer and head of Ocyan Waves, Rodrigo Lemos, explained that the program’s purpose is to join forces with the creative capacity of startups to accelerate Ocyan's innovation process and in turn capture operating efficiency gains. “The program is structured to meet the company’s concrete needs, focusing on implementing solutions that improve safety and productivity in operational and support activities.”


The startups must propose innovative solutions to the eight challenges selected by Ocyan: improving communication with team members working offshore; improving the monitoring of employees during emergencies; digitizing documents onboard offshore units; intelligent interfacing among team members and HR functionalities; managing the receipt and shipment of materials; improving operational control of the Blowout Preventer (BOP), an important piece of equipment on drilling rigs; optimizing the equipment inspection process; and improving control of the productivity of drill pipes, helping to monitor their operation.


The Challenge program will be developed in four phases: Registration (from March 11 to April 28 on the website, during which 20 startups will be selected); Pitch Day (meeting of entrepreneurs with Ocyan, when the Company will choose the ones to move on to the immersion phase); Immersion (selection of up to eight startups that best meet the challenges and have the best proposals); and Pilot (development and assessment of the solutions by the Company). The startups approved in this final phase will be included in Ocyan’s supplier registry).


“The Ocyan Waves Challenge is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop a pilot project on the premises of a major oil and gas company. They will have access to Ocyan equipment and facilities and receive support from our executives and specialists. At the end of the program, the startups could become suppliers or partners of our company,” said Rodrigo.


To be selected, the startups must demonstrate the development of at least one feasible product that was tested on a small scale or placed in the market. The entrepreneurs must be over 18 years old and have availability to attend meetings in Rio de Janeiro and Macaé.


Innoscience is the firm responsible for structuring and operating the Ocyan Waves Challenge, the first program of the Ocyan Waves platform.

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