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OTC Houston 2019

Oil companies go to Houston in search of business opportunity

05/06/2019 | 02h22
Oil companies go to Houston in search of business opportunity
Divulgation OTC Houston Divulgation OTC Houston

Brazil is one of the major international players when it comes to oil and this year a record number of companies are preparing to participate in the world's largest trade fair, OTC Houston, which takes place May 6-9 in Texas, United States .There will be 50 Brazilian companies from various segments of the oil value chain exposing their best solutions to international buyers seeking innovation and reliability. In the Brazilian delegation, the participation of companies focused on the industry 4.0 and high-tech equipment stands out.An internationalization mission, aimed at companies that are ready to expand their international trade and open operations in the United States, is happening before the event with the addition of 20 companies. In addition, a special team will be on site focused to attract investments to industry auctions.


The Brazilian participation is organized by the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil), in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Brazilian pavilion will be divided into two parts: one of about 500m2, where Brazilian companies will expose products for export, and another of approximately 280m2, which will be used to promote the Brazilian oil industry.They are planned lectures and talks with global players in this location.In addition, there will be an institutional space for partners such as Petrobras, the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) and the Brazilian Institute of Oil, Gas and Biofuels (IBP).


Offshore oil exploration is the specialty of Brazil, which currently has about 3% of total world production, ranking ninth in the world ranking of oil producers in 2018."With the increase in Brazilian exploration, the technology developed in the national territory and the companies' expertise in the sector are growing. This increases the opportunities for these companies to conquer new markets, and also opens the possibility of having operations abroad, such as offices or representations.Hence the importance of our participation in an event like this, "explains Apex-Brasil's investment manager, Marco Poli.


International Expansion 

An eye on this business opportunity for Brazilian companies, Apex-Brazil organized, in addition to participating in the OTC Houston, a mission of internationalization that happens between 2 and 4 May.The goal is to show entrepreneurs interested a little more how the North American market, providing even a business immersion in the world's largest producer of oil today."As much as the company has experience in selling to that country, it is very different when it is decided to open international operations. The Agency aims to help these companies in planning the expansion, in order to reduce the risks involved at that time," explains Poli.


During the mission, businessmen are attending lectures and meetings with experts to learn more about the business environment in the United States, particularities of the market, and having direct contact with service providers related to the opening of companies, such as accountants and lawyers. In addition, success stories from Brazilian companies based in Houston will be presented. The idea is to have an exchange of experiences about the mistakes and the most common arrangements in time to open a branch.The Agency also organized technical visits to strategic locations, such as the city's port, the busiest port in the United States in terms of tons of imported goods, and the second in total volume.


Investment Attraction 

The Apex-Brasil team will also be at the event with a focus on attracting investments to the country.In partnership with the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) and the ANP, seminars and meetings will be held with potential investors for auctions to be held in Brazil at the end of October.The Brazilian government expects to raise approximately R $ 100 billion in this auction to exploit surplus oil and gas volumes through an Assignment Agreement signed with Petrobras in 2010.


The Agency will also work to attract investments through the facilitation of partnerships between foreign and Brazilian companies. Brazil has great geological advantages, a very relevant consumer market with huge growth potential, as well as countless medium and small companies that meet international standards, since they are part of Petrobras' suppliers register.This makes them able to work with other large global operators, either through export, or through partnerships with foreign companies that want to enter the country. Brazil is now in 15th place in the world ranking of proven reserves, with 12.8 billion barrels of oil and is inserted in the international market as a strong competitor.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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