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On last day of G20 summit, Argentina cedes chair to Japan

12/03/2018 | 13h35


On the second and last day (Dec. 1) of the G20 summit meeting with leaders from the globe’s biggest economies, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an assembly will take place with all authorities in attendance at the end of which a document with the summit’s conclusions and guidelines will be released.


The chair of the bloc will be changed from Argentina to Japan. At the ceremony, Argentine President Mauricio Macri will deliver a speech, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should list the expectations regarding G20 2019, in Osaka.


Photo: At the ceremony, Argentine President Mauricio Macri will deliver a speech - G20 Argentina / Handout via REUTERS

Summit debate sessions are divided into three stages on different topics. In Buenos Aires, the first session was dubbed “Bringing People First,” the second “Building Consensus,” and the third “Exploring Opportunities.”


For two days, Buenos Aires brought together leading names in international politics: in addition to host Macri, Presidents Michel Twmer, Emmanuel Macron (França), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Donald Trump (US), and Xi Jinping (China).


Prime Ministers Theresa May (UK), Justin Trudeau (Canada), and Pedro Sanchez (Spain), and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also attended the event.


Representatives from international entities were also present as guests, like Aires Yong Kim (World Bank) Christne Lagarde (International Monetary Fund) and António Guterres (United Nations).


Argentine First Lady Juliana Awada also conducted activities to showcase the art, culture, and cuisine of her country, parallel to the summit. In addition, debates were held on the most urgent challenges in the region, with a focus on early childhood.

Font: Agência Brasil
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