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Campos Basin

Petrobras reports on event at P-50

09/24/2019 | 11h39
Petrobras reports on event at P-50
Petrobras Agency/Stéferson Faria Petrobras Agency/Stéferson Faria

Petrobras reports that platform P-50, located in the Campos Basin, in the Albacora Leste field, had its production preemptively halted on Sunday night, due to the disruption of the mooring of the anchor system.


Anchored by another 15 moorings, the platform is stable and safe, offering no risk to people and the environment. Currently, 178 people work on board in this unit.


Petrobras is taking all necessary measures to repair the system and resume production as soon as possible. The unit produces, on average, 20,000 barrels of oil per day.

Font: Petrobras Agency
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