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Petrogal expects 50% increase in its production in Brazil

12/03/2018 | 13h22
Petrogal expects 50% increase in its production in Brazil
Divulgation Divulgation

Petrogal participated in the last Thursday, 29/11 of the series "Challenges and Opportunities for the Oil and Gas Market", promoted by Firjan, with the purpose of presenting the operators' vision and expectations for Brazil. The resumption of investment in P & G and the change of governments (state and federal) bring new perspectives for growth, reinforcing the relevance of the meetings to help industries and all production chain in their strategy and decision making.




"We are in a transition of government and we can have changes, adaptations and corrections, mainly in the regulatory area, improving the speed of investment and development in Brazil," said Raul Sanson, Vice President of Firjan, at the opening of the event on 29 / 11. In this sense, the Federation's Petroleum and Gas Business Council (P & G) has set a priority agenda and is in contact with the transition team of the new state government to work on the best business environment.


According to Sanson, Firjan seeks to work in partnerships to support the goods and services industries and the supply chain, connecting them to new players. "Today we have many foreign companies operating in the country in the area of oil and gas and there is forecast of new auctions; so we need to make alliances, to update ourselves on the new technologies and to have chain planning for what is ahead, "he commented.


The articulation does not happen only in the state of Rio. "We were at a seminar in Mossoró (RN) onshore, an area where small and medium-sized companies are more likely to supply," he explained.


Interest in pre-salt


Petrogal is currently the third largest P & G producer in Brazil, consisting of two shareholders, Portugal's Galp holding 70% stake and China's Sinopec holding 30%. Miguel Pereira, president of the oil company, spoke about the growth potential for the coming years. "Petrogal expects to achieve a production of over 150,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in Brazil by 2025," he said. Today, production is about 100 thousand.


Keeping an eye on energy market trends, the company aims to promote its transition to the low-carbon economy and plans to invest 5-15% in new business. Pereira also spoke about other strategies, which offer innovative solutions; develop digital technology; increase the exploration and production (E & P) portfolio to be more profitable and resilient; and further optimize and expand presence in downstream activities.


In Brazil, Petrogal is present in 27 projects. "The first, in 2000, we had the boldness to enter into what is now Brazil's largest producing asset: the BM-S-11 consortium (Lula and Iracema)," said the president. The company is a partner of Petrobras in the Lula field, in the Santos Basin.


Pereira also announced the start of production in the Berbigão and Sururu fields, in the Iara area, in 2019, through a replicating unit. After 2020, it plans to at least recover two billion barrels of high-quality oil in the Grande Carcará area, where it expects to start production by 2024.


The company plans to expand its presence in Brazil's pre-salt. "We believe in Brazil and the pre-salt as a pole for the development of the industry," said Pereira. Petrogal is betting on projects in the regions of Uirapuru and Campos Basin, considering these assets as having great potential.


Petrogal was the last operator of the year to visit Firjan. "It is important that the operators are within the federation environment, because with this close listening we can have a position more aligned with the real needs of these great players and transmit the knowledge to the productive chain. In addition, it is relevant to see the size of these operators, not only focused on oil, but on all diversification of the energy matrix, "said Karine Fragoso, the Petroleum, Gas and Naval manager of the federation and general superintendent of the National Petroleum Industry Organization. ONIP).

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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