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PICPlast announces new research on plastic transformer profile

03/15/2019 | 20h39
PICPlast announces new research on plastic transformer profile
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The priority for plastic transformers in 2019 is to grow. This is what the new survey of the Incentive Plan for the Plastic Chain, held in November 2018, points out. Of the 353 players heard, 39.4% said they want to expand their business and external factors are the main challenges in this regard. The analysis indicates that, in 2017, 54.5% of entrepreneurs accounted for internal management as a determining factor for growth and only 23.7% signaled the impact of external movements. In 2018, there is still a watchful eye for companies (53.4%), but the figures show that extrinsic issues, such as competition and political and economic scenario, are much more concerned, indicated as responsible for hindering the development of companies according to with 82% of study participants. 

The study also showed that increased interest in plastic transformers for capacity building focused on sustainability. The percentage of respondents who showed an interest in the subject doubled from 2017 to 2018, reaching 10%. The search for development in the areas of management and innovation continues at the top of the ranking of demands in relation to training, cited by almost 40% of the participants of the analysis. 

The focus of those working in the chain, as in the 2017 survey, remains: open new markets (55.2%) through products (46.7%). The investment in technological renewal follows immediately, appearing as a priority for 39.9% of the ears in the study, which had the participation of 3,613 market players. Another highlight is the interest in participating in initiatives aimed at operational efficiency. Actions that promote the reduction of losses attract 75.4% of those involved with the sector while 68.3% want to have more productivity. 

Challenges for growth - For 39.4% of respondents the priority for the next 12 months is to grow. Unlike the sample from the previous year, the 2018 figures show that external factors are the biggest concerns of the manufacturing industry. The analysis indicates that, in 2017, 53.4% of respondents pointed to extrinsic issues as responsible for hindering the growth of their companies. By 2018, this number jumped to 82%. Price of inputs (30.9%), competition (30.2%) and the Brazilian political-economic scenario (30.2%) are the main points of attention for this public. 

According to the research data, the profile of the plastic transformer present in the sample is male (79.3%), over 35 years old (85.7%) and with education higher than graduation (83%). The companies that these transformers lead are mostly family owned (67.7%), have 50-500 employees (65.3%) and are located in almost half in the state of São Paulo (48.4%). 

Extrusion of films is the most cited branch among the entrepreneurs participating in the research, with 39.1%, followed by injection (29.2%) and blow (15.3%). Companies that produce packaging or caps for the food and beverage segment are among the most listened to by the researchers (28.3%). Transformers (11.3%), reels (11.3%), agribusiness products (11.1%), parts for the automotive sector (9.4%) and packaging for cosmetics were also interviewed. , 8%). Other segments such as drugs, toys and disposables appear with less participation.



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