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Prumo and Siemens sign partnership to install gas hub in Açu Port

08/14/2017 | 13h31
Prumo and Siemens sign partnership to install gas hub in Açu Port
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Prumo Logística, a company that develops and operates the Açu Port, and its subsidiary Gás Natural Açu (GNA), today announced to the market the signing of a contract with Siemens for the development, implementation and operation of the UTE GNA I, the Regasification Terminal Açu and other potential projects at the Açu Port Industrial Complex.


Under the agreement, Siemens will acquire, for US $ 21 million, 33% of GNA INFRAESTRUTURA, a joint venture that will be linked to Gás Natural Açu (GNA) and responsible for the development of Açu Gas Hub infrastructure projects.


"The contract with Siemens brings to our business the experience of a world-class company, leader in the energy sector. In addition, this is the first step towards the realization of Açu Gas Hub, which represents a unique infrastructure solution in Brazil that will allow the supply of LNG, natural gas and electricity to the Brazilian market. With the gas supply, we will be even more attractive to new industrial customers, contributing to accelerate the occupation of our industrial complex ", comments José Magela, president of Prumo Logística.


Phase 1 of the Gas Hub will count on the UTE GNA I, a natural gas combined cycle thermoelectric plant of around 1,300 MW, and the Açu Regasification Terminal, with capacity to import LNG to the GNA I UTE and future thermal and Other potential projects in the industrial area of Açu Port. In addition, Siemens will have a 33% direct stake in the LNG and Thermoelectric Terminal.


Located strategically in the north of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Açu Gas Hub will be composed of 6,400 MW (licensed) of thermoelectric generation with natural gas; LNG import and storage terminal; Natural gas processing unit; And gas pipelines that will connect the enterprise to the transport network and producing fields.


The Agreement is subject to the fulfillment of certain previous conditions, including the relevant regulatory approvals, the approval of the Business Plans for the development of the UTE GNA I and the Açu Regasification Terminal, the execution of the EPC contract (Engineering, Contracts and Construction), the execution of the LTSA (long-term service contract) for the maintenance and supply of spare parts to guarantee the performance and availability of the thermoelectric plant, the execution of an O & M contract for the thermoelectric plant, As well as the formal commitment of capital contribution for the development of the UTE GNA I and the Regasification Terminal, in a proportion of 67% for GNA and 33% for Siemens.



The transaction is the result of an exclusivity agreement for the UTE GNA I, signed in June between the companies.


In the same month, Prumo also announced the signing of an exclusive agreement to supply natural gas to the UTE GNA I with BP. The document provides that the company will have a 30% stake in Gás Natural Açu (GNA) - a wholly owned subsidiary of Prumo Logística and the company responsible for the development of the Açu Gas Hub and related infrastructure. In addition, BP will also have 50% of another company to be formed, which will be responsible for contracts for the purchase and sale of energy.


In addition, the company also signed a contract in June for the transfer of the Authorization and Energy Commercialization Contracts (CCEAR's) from UTE Novo Tempo to GNA.

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