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Rio Oil & Gas 2018

Rio Oil & Gas 2018 exceeded expectations, emphasizes Firjan

10/04/2018 | 17h25
Rio Oil & Gas 2018 exceeded expectations, emphasizes Firjan
T&B Petroleum T&B Petroleum

For Firjan, the 2018 edition of Rio Oil & Gas, the main oil and gas fair in Latin America, surpassed public expectations and enthusiasm. The event followed the scenario of market resumption, with highlights for holding various forums in the exhibition environment. One of the main thermometers for the market was the meetings held during the Business Round, a correlation of Firjan and Sebrae-RJ, in partnership with ONIP and IBP.


In total, there were 34 anchor companies, 202 suppliers and 638 meetings. Of these, 92% left the event with positive business expectations. Altogether, the value should exceed R $ 220 million in the next 12 months.


"The numbers reflect the potential of the market. We managed, as we wanted, to reach all links in this industry, "said Karine Fragoso, the Federation's manager of Oil, Gas and Naval.


Firjan held, in its stand, more than 30 meetings with clients and presented the SENAI Institutes of Technology, through virtual reality glasses. In addition, it received corporate caravans from the interior of the state and foreign delegations from nine countries with interest in investing in or partnering with the country and state of Rio: Canada, Italy, Norway, Mozambique, Argentina, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Germany and Russia.


Firjan also took companies from other productive sectors of the state to participate in the "Rio Além do Petróleo" exhibition, under the banner of the Sou Rio Movement, for the valorization of Rio products and services.


Onshore Forum


Alongside Marty Wittstrom of the Canadian Global Exploration Forum; Petrosantander's Troy Finey; and Adolpho Souza, from Schlumberger Colombia; Karine Fragoso mediated, at the Onshore Forum, the panel "International Exchanges: Regulation on Onshore Exploration and Production". The objective of the panel was to discuss international experiences to promote onshore E & P activities in Brazil.


Karine detailed Firjan's relationship with this market: "We believe that Brazil has a great potential not yet explored on land. Therefore, we are approaching more and more of these players, with publications, events, visits to the northeast of the country and the international fairs of this segment, to help foment it. Rio can share lessons learned offshore and has potential to provide for onshore. "


For the speakers, Brazil is already seen by the international market as a strong option to invest also in onshore, due to the areas still little explored and credibility regarding the government's compliance with contracts. On the other hand, they stressed that it is necessary to increase the number of operators, which has Petrobras concentrating the largest portion of terrestrial production.


Investment in entrepreneurial capital


The federation also supported Apex-Brazil's Corporate Venture in Brazil - Oil and Gas initiative to share the best practices of corporate entrepreneurship, investment in entrepreneurial capital and innovation, as well as market trends and challenges. During a seminar at the Technology Arena, Firjan's General Manager of Business, Carlos Magno, promoted a presentation at the panel O & G Corporate Innovation, International Corporate Venturing & Innovation Investments Trends.


"Firjan has a strong presence in the promotion of innovation. In addition to our startups package, we have close relationship with private and government incentive agencies. We also have the Institutes of Innovation of Firjan SENAI, Casa Firjan and FabLabs ", said Magno.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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