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SCGÁS will invest R $ 53 million in northern Santa Catarina by 2024

02/18/2020 | 15h43

The largest package of works in the history of SCGÁS foresees approximately R $ 53 million in investments in the municipalities of the northern region of Santa Catarina by 2024. In Joinville, the urban project to serve new businesses and homes will continue - R $ 7.6 million will be allocated for the construction of another 27 kilometers of network (the works should start in 2022).


In Mafra, still this year, SCGÁS will serve a gas station using the modal GNC (Compressed Natural Gas), aiming to expand the supply of CNG in the region. In Canoinhas and Três Barras, R $ 12.5 million will be invested in the construction of a structuring network of natural gas, which will anticipate supply to the market in both municipalities. In all, 16.8 kilometers of network should be implemented (the works should start in 2021). In 2024, work is expected to begin to connect the existing network in Guaramirim to the network built in Canoinhas and Três Barras - initial investments will be R$ 10 million.


In Garuva, investments reach R $ 17.7 million for the implementation of 29.6 kilometers of network. In addition to these projects, SCGÁS will invest 2.8 million to connect new customers to the existing network in the northern region and R $ 2.5 million to redeploy the network in the BR-280 duplication works.

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