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Seminar at Firjan: The energy revolution of the Brazilian electric system, on February 13

02/11/2019 | 18h20
Seminar at Firjan: The energy revolution of the Brazilian electric system, on February 13
Divulgation Divulgation

Firjan, in partnership with the Italian embassy, the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the ICE Institute, will hold the seminar "The energy revolution of the Brazilian electric system on Wednesday (13/2) from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ". The meeting, at the headquarters of the Federation, in the Center of Rio, will address topics such as renewable energy, transmission networks and smart grids, as well as presenting investment opportunities in the sector and business possibilities between Brazil and Italy. 

Representatives of the companies Enel and Terna and of Brazilian government agencies, such as Aneel, EPE and ONS, as well as specialists and businessmen from the sector, participate in the panels.



9:30 p.m. - Opening. Sergio Malta, president of Firjan's Electric Energy Business Council; Alessandro Barillà, president of the Ítalo-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro; Antonio Bernardini, Italian ambassador to Brazil; Cristina Pinho, undersecretary of Economic Development for Oil, Gas and Energy of the State of Rio de Janeiro; Davide Crippa, undersecretary of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development; Nicola Cotugno, president of Enel in Brazil; and Manlio Coviello, president of Terna Plus. 

From 10h20 to 12h - Planning Panel, comparative regulatory framework and characteristics of the electric power system 

- Amilcar Guerreiro, director of Electric Energy (EPE) - "The planning of the Brazilian electrical system"; 

- Pedro Bruno Barros de Souza, Energy and Airport Coordination Secretary of PPI - "Results and future prospects for the energy sector" 

- André Pepitone da Nóbrega, general director of ANEEL - "The regulatory framework for electric energy in Brazil" 

- Stefano Besseghini, president of ARERA (in videoconference) - "The regulatory framework for electric energy in Brazil" 

- Luiz Eduardo Barata Ferreira, director of ONS - "The characteristics of the Brazilian system and opportunities for collaboration with foreign companies" 

- Alberto Biancardi, senior officer of GSE - "The management of electric services in Italy" 

- Questions and answers


From 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Panel Opportunities for financing in the electric sector 

- Carlos Belinger, Banco do Brasil - "Financing opportunities in the Brazilian market" 

- Eliane Aleixo Lustosa de Andrade, BNDES - "Perspectives and opportunities for long-term financing" 

- Pauline Sebok, head of São Paulo Office, SACE - "The financial support of SACE-SIMEST for energy projects promoted by Italian companies abroad" 

- Questions and answers


From 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. - Panel Case studies on renewable energy, transmission and distribution networks 

- Roberta Bonomi, head of Enel Green Power in Brazil - "The generation of energy through renewable sources" 

- Claudio Marchiori, Managing Director SLTE and SMTE - "Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in Transmission Networks" 

- Rosario Zaccaria, head of Enel Distribuição São Paulo - "The distribution networks and presentation of the smart grids project" 

- Paulo Furio, manager of the Institute of Innovation in Green Chemistry of FIRJAN SENAI - "Renewable energy and the Brazilian industry: opportunities" 

- Melina Yurie Uchida, New Business Director of Asja - "Electric energy from biogas to landfill: the experience of Asja in Brazil" 

- Newton José Leme Duarte, CEO COGEN - "Renewable energies and distributed generation: a perfect marriage" 

- Leonardo Curioni, founder and CEO of Sices Brasil - "The great green revolution of Brazil: photovoltaic solar energy and distributed generation at 1 GW / year, micro and mini generation systems" 

- Francesco Rizzo, Area Manager Africa Latam & Iberia of CESI - "Evolution of the electrical system in Brazil: scenarios and technological trends" 

- Questions and answers



Seminar The energy revolution of the Brazilian electrical system 

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 

Hours: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm 

Location: Firjan Headquarters - Av Graça Aranha 1 - Downtown Rio

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office Firjan
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