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Solar Energy

With a capacity of 1 MWp, the Wanda Maria Bueno solar plant will supply 27 municipalities in the interior of São Paulo

02/18/2020 | 15h37

Entrepreneurs and the population of Porto Feliz and 26 other municipalities in the state can now count on solar energy without having to install photovoltaic plates on the roofs themselves. The Wanda Maria Bueno plant with a capacity of 1 MWp was inaugurated last Thursday, the 13th.


The project was financed by Desenvolve SP - Banco do Empreendedor and provides clean and renewable energy to consumers in the area served by the concessionaire in the region.


“We are very pleased to finance the implementation of projects like Sun Mobi's, which makes clean energy your business. Micro, small and medium-sized companies from São Paulo can count on Desenvolve SP to become increasingly sustainable, efficient and competitive ”, says Ana Paula Shuay, Business Superintendent of Desenvolve SP.


Sun Mobi's shared distributed generation business model democratizes access to solar energy.


"It is an option for consumers who are in rented properties, apartments or even who are unable to make investments in a photovoltaic system", explains partner Guilherme Susteras. Distribution is made directly to customers, through the concessionaire network.


Green Economy 

In total, the Porto Feliz plant received investments of R $ 4 million. Of this amount, R $ 1.3 million went to reinforcements and other improvements in the distribution network. The plant will avoid the emission of 3,300 tons of CO2 throughout its useful life.


The construction of the solar plant was made possible by financing the Green Economy line from Desenvolve SP, which has an interest rate of 0.25% per month (+ Selic) and the payment term of up to 10 years, including the period grace period, which reaches two years.


The photovoltaic plate is one of the financeable items in this line, which also provides credit at competitive and long-term interest rates for the purchase and installation of wind turbines, equipment for small hydroelectric power plants and landfill biogas, as well as projects aimed at reducing losses and transmission of energy. electricity, heat recovery systems, pipe insulation.


Sun Mobi also has the support of InvestSP to implement its investment projects. The agency's team intermediated the company's relationship with the Porto Feliz municipal government and has been supporting its expansion plan.


By the end of 2020, enertech intends to enable the structuring of projects that allow the expansion of its generating park to 25.41 MWp. In terms of number of customers, the expectation is to reach 2,500 consumers when the expansion is completed.


The use of solar energy is an exponentially growing trend worldwide. Several companies and homes in São Paulo have adopted the use of this alternative source as a way of making their production processes more sustainable, in addition to enabling more controlled and conscious consumption. In the case of Sun Mobi, this control is done by monitoring consumption and providing guidance to customers in favor of more efficient use of energy.


“In addition to opening up the possibility of choosing a clean and renewable energy source, our customers have a package of exclusive services that include active monitoring of energy consumption and encouraging the adoption of actions that prevent waste,” explains Alexandre Bueno , also a partner in the company.


The new plant is Sun Mobi's second plant financed by Desenvolve SP. In 2018, the company contracted credit from the financial institution of the Government of São Paulo for the construction of a unit with a capacity of 400 kWp, in Araçoiaba da Serra.


“Desenvolve SP fulfills its commitment to finance the state's sustainable development based on projects like this. In addition to the generation of opportunities, employment and income, environmental gains are fundamental for us to have an increasingly stronger economy ”, completes the executive at Desenvolve SP.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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