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ABS Consulting Hosts Inaugural Life Sciences Maximo Summit Addressing Asset Management Strategies

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09/11/2023 19:20
ABS Consulting Hosts Inaugural Life Sciences Maximo Summit Addressing Asset Management Strategies Imagem: Disclosure ABS Visualizações: 490

ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABS Consulting), a leading global risk management company, hosted key industry players during the company's inaugural Life Sciences Maximo Summit in Spring, Texas. The event convened leaders in the life sciences space to explore best practices on implementation and use of IBM Maximo's software solutions. 

This exclusive event kicked off with experts from ABS Consulting addressing the importance of proactive asset management in the life sciences industry. Additional presentations explored advancements in Maximo software, including improved features, insightful reports, training and standards, as well as data-related elements for life sciences. Hands-on workshops and collaborative discussions led by specialists helped identify and shape new software solutions that will help align industry-specific requirements with enterprise asset management goals and compliance. 

Attendees were given the opportunity to share their experiences utilizing the software directly with IBM representatives, providing feedback for various capabilities, including auditing, enhanced mobility and reporting, and change management. These conversations highlighted essential customer voices and facilitated a path for organizations to improve their reliability journey.

"As part of our industry leading risk management services, ABS Consulting aims to deliver solutions that optimize asset management strategies and streamline operations for improved ROI," said Ryan Moody, President and CEO of ABS Consulting. "The event was a great success and helped identify and accelerate improvements specifically aimed at the needs of the life sciences industry." 

"ABS Consulting is a Premier IBM Business Partner that is well positioned to provide innovative solutions for managing an organization's most critical assets," said Kathryn Spencer, Chair, Life Sciences Maximo User Group. "Their EAM experts brought immeasurable value to the summit and the conversation surrounding more intelligent asset management."

It was also shared during the summit that Genesis Technology Solutions, Inc. (GenesisSolutions), the asset performance optimization service line of ABS Consulting, will be fully merging its business with that of its parent company. 

"We're proud to integrate GenesisSolutions into ABS Consulting as the business furthers its mission of helping organizations improve efficiency, manage risk and promote operational excellence," said Moody. "The transition will be seamless, and our clients and partners will continue to receive the same leading full-service reliability and enterprise asset management solutions they're accustomed to."

To learn more, visit: IBM Maximo Application Suite | ABS Group (

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